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Hello! My name is Matt Wensor & I am a professional guitar teacher offering high quality tuition in Northampton to those who want to improve their guitar playing.

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Matt Wensor Guitar Teacher
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Matt Wensor
Learn The Music You Love

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Northampton! I teach students from the ages of 8 years old and above, with adult learners welcome to take lessons on both the electric guitar or acoustic guitar depending on their musical preferences.

I will make sure we learn the music you love whilst spending essential time making sure you have an understanding how how the guitar works and the theory behind it.

I tailor my guitar lessons around my student's interests, ensuring that we progress through material at a pace that is right for the pupil.

I am a qualified music teacher having achieved a First Class BA Honours Degree in Popular Music, specialising in Music Education.

I am also an experienced professional guitarist and studio musician having performed across the UK and Europe working with an array of bands and artists. I have worked alongside legendary producer/engineer Tony Platt (ACDC, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Buddy Guy), and have been featured albums such as Lunaxis- What Good Is Their Love (2018) and MUTE- Deaf By Thirty (2016). You can watch the video below of me improvising a lead guitar solo for a recording studio session.

“Matt is a mobile guitar teacher able to help you to learn to play the guitar in the comfort of your own home. He teaches students of age 8+, helping beginners upwards play the guitar.”

I pride myself on my friendly and relaxed teaching style that helps my students develop their technical abilities as well as their understanding of exciting and engaging lessons.

Guitar playing is a wonderful skill to have and can provide many years of enjoyment, I strive to make the learning process as interesting and rewarding as possible.

Whether you want to learn a few basic chords, expand your existing technique to pass guitar grade exams, learn theory or play the songs that you love then give me an email on info@guitarlessonsnorthampton.com or call 03455 086739.

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